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3a Mostra de Super 8 - Barcelona

An interview with Carlos Pradera , the General Coordinator of the 3a Mostra de Super 8 , celebrated at Pati Llimona, C/Regomir, 3, Barcelona (28/01/12). He is also the founder and manager for site. La Mostra de Super 8 is an open event for enthusiasts, collectionists, producers, creators and everyone interested in small cine formats. A one-day journey plenty of projections, workshops (including film processing and technical maintenance of equipment), mini-market (film and accessories), oulet, demos and special showrooms about artists currently working (or also in the past) in this stuff. This video was created for UrbanRulesBCN TV Channel . Gear: The clip tries to simulate that small cinema formats look (colors, grain, dust, scratches, sound and artifacts). That all was recreated using Premiere, After Effects and real Super 8 footage layers. Shot on two digital compact photo cameras (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX40 and Kodak EasyShare M552) with 720p video capability