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Testing Sony HDCAM-EX + Magic Bullet Looks

This is a sticking practice clip I recorded with Sony PMW-EX1 (XDCAM-EX) HD camera. The original 1080p 25fps footage was edited in Premiere CS5 and processed with Magic Bullet Looks plugin. Player: Xavi + HQ (now Evans) Real Feel 6" practice pad. Equipment: PMW-EX1 + SxS 32GB + Sachtler tripod. Camera settings: Standard Profile, HQ Mode, 1920x1080p, 25fps. Audio: Camera built in microphone, 48Khz. Plugin settings: Manual. Set list: Exposure (Subject) + Diffusion (Matte) + Vignette and Edge Softness (Lens) + Lift Gamma Gain, Ranged Saturation, Curves and Auto Shoulder (Post). More ideas here soon.