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Blue Suede Shoes by Soul Dan (2012)

Soul Dan , a soul/funk/blues covers band from Barcelona, lead by Dan Electro (Mike Shannon) perfoms Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins, 1956) for the crowd at Andorra 2012' International Festival 'Colors de Música'. Featuring me on drums! Produced by and Recorded live 09/08/2012. Shot with Canon Legria HD domestic Camcorder. Edited in Premiere Pro CS6 + MB Looks. More ideas here soon.

A talk with Ramon Sort

Ramon Sort is a catalan painter and graphic artist currently working in Barcelona. This is a short interview with him at the UntitledBcn Art Gallery (Gràcia, Barcelona), conducted by Teresa Atienza. He speaks about two of his Besugos (Sea Bream) pictures and, trough them, talks also about his style and influences. Shot with GH2 + Lumix 14-140mm Vario G + AF Nikkor 50mm f1.8D. Edited in Premiere Pro CS6 + MB Looks. Audio from Zoom H2n. Soundtrack: 'Let it crawl' from Society's Bag (1972) - Warner Bros Records (All Rights Reserved). A creation for UrbanRulesBcn TV Channel . More ideas here soon.