Billie Jean cover (M.Jackson) by

Here is TresBcn band from Barcelona covering Billie Jean, the song by Michael Jackson (Indiana 1958 - Los Angeles 2009) from world's famous album Thriller (Epic, 1982).

TresBcn are: Clio Byrne (Voice), Pablo Baños and Xavi (Bass & Drums).

Original words and music by Michael Jackson. Produced by Quincy Jones.

Videoclip produced (on super-low budget!) and directed by for (2013).

Specials Thanks to:

J.P.Carrascal ( for his tech support and camera work.
Dusk Bar Barcelona (

Gear: GH2 & GF2 (Driftwood VK Intra patch) + GoPro HD2 + (Premiere CS6).
Format: 720p@24fps.

More works here soon.