A walk through Base Elements Gallery

Base Elements is an Urban Art Gallery co-founded by Robert Burt (California) and Mònica Riu (Barcelona) in 2003 "with hopes of creating a space where such street artists could not only showcase their talents, but also be embraced as true artists".

Here is a short walk through the gallery on the 18th of July (2013), showing last PobleSecDub 2013 collection of art work from known graffiti artists such as: Btoy, Debens, Edzumba, Eledu, Eox, Flan, Grito, Isaac Mahow, J.Loca, Kram, Malakkai, Meibol, Mina Hamada, Nados, Owen, Pez, Ripo, Saturno, Sendys, Skum, Turkesa, Uf, Uriginal, Xupet and Zosen.

Base Elements Blogsite: www.baseelements.blogspot.com.es
Facebook: Baseelements.
Contact: (+34) 93 268 83 12, Monday through Saturday (11h-14h & 15h-21h).
Location: C/ de Palau, 6, Barri Gòtic, Barcelona (08002).

Music by The Stripes, Observer (1980, "Studio Album", by CBS Schallplatten GmbH).

A creation by www.xavitomas.com for UrbanRulesBcn TV Channel.

More works here soon.