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Escola Dancing Sitges&Cunit at Carnaval de Sitges (2014)

Carnaval de Sitges 2014 was a perfect place to test Panasonic's new little gem: Lumix DMC-GM1. During the first part of the route through Sitges center, streets were very different in terms of white balance (street lights, troupe's coach color lights, bars lights, shops lights...), but in light levels too. With these conditions and changing scenery, the main goal here was to test the high ISO capabilities and ease of use of the camera on the go (think on narrow streets plenty of people, dancers and carriages). Gear: GM1 + 2 Panasonic batteries (+4 hours of continuous use. More than half of 2nd battery remaining at the end) + Seculine SL3 Loupe. Lens: AF Nikkor 50mm f1.8 with a m4/3 adapter (non AF on the GM1) + Lumix G 14mm f2.5 AF. Thanks to Escola Dancing Sitges&Cunit for managing me a press pass to enjoy the ride. More works here .