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Music: Drumming for Mr.Shingles

[2014 - Nowadays] Mr. Shingles (Electric Guitar, Blues Harp and Lead Voice), Lucky Luskin (Bass and Voice) and Tommy Chav (Drums and Voice) work together in this Blues, Swing and Rock & Roll Power Trio. We're ready to shake any party!

Hear some music and watch some videos on band's website.

Contact, events and dates on Facebook.

Music: Drum Workshops at Buena Onda Music School (Barcelona)

[2009 - 2016] I'm proffering a first aproach to drumming (age 5 and up) and Intermediate to Advanced levels for Rock and Blues styles (age 12 and up) at Escuela Buena Onda. My drum workshops and lessons include aspects like:

· Music sheet understanding and reading basics (easy music theory).
· Proper stick and pedal action (finger's fulcrum, stick rebound, feet positions...)
· Solid Time-feel building (how to practise with a metronome, count on subdivisions...).
· Drum dynamics (i.e. how to play Fast but low volume or Slow but loud and more).
· Phrasing and soloing ideas development.
· Studying your favourite bands and musicians (or how to make your own transcriptions to play covers).
· And preparing your Trinity Rock & Pop Grade Exams (if you choose to do that).

I'm specially concerned on the previous existing musical instincts and skills on each player (if they exist) and also focused into their style preferences to help them to expand on a comfy way.

About the school

Buena Onda is a flexible and friendly spot offering piano, guitar, bass, vocal, band combos and modern music theory lessons.

One of the most interesting and distinctive features about Buena Onda school is the student's option to take chance into real live-stage situations from nearby venues to challenge what they have learnt and improved during their workshops!

Please feel free to ask about lessons, instruments, levels and timetable options and any other stuff related.

Easy to reach by metro, bus and Bicing, Buena Onda Musica school of music is placed in one of the coolest districts in Barcelona.

Contact: Clio Byrne (Director). (93) 180 69 55 & (+34) 666 768 999 Or send a request Here.

Music: Drumming for Los MoneyPenny

[2014 - 2015] Danny Berzon (Voice and Acoustic Guitar), Alexis Pérez (Lead & Rhythm Electric Guitar) and Marcos Luna (Bass) are the mates who I'm working with in this 60-70's british-pop covers band. Get ready to dance!

Hear some music and watch some videos on band's website.

Events and dates on Facebook.

Music: Drumming for The Night Dogs

[2012 - 2014] Was working with american harp player/singer Mike Shannon and www.thedifficulttimes.com staff at The Night Dogs band. You can watch some videos in this site too.

Digital Cinema: Seiken teaser

- - 1st UPDATE (12/02/2013 - 19:59 PM) [F.I.C.F. Sitges 2012 Teaser Release]
- - 2nd UPDATE (24/04/2014 - 09:27 AM) [Teaser goes under password protection due to film's producer requirement]

[March, 2011] This is Seiken's teaser. Seiken is an action film project by Canónigo Films (Barcelona), directed by Manuel Carballo and Teo García. Shooted with RED ONE + GoProHD Hero. DOP: Pol Turrents (AEC). Edited by Frank Gutiérrez. Music: Arnau Bataller. Post-Production: Apuntolapospo. FX: Onirikal Studio. Stunt Coordination: Sergi Subirà.

I participated the crew as Data Wrangler (7:14" on Credits).

HD Works

[July, 2010] A monologue of a dream is a commercial directed by Jordi Cussó with DOP Borja López for Membur brand. Shooted with RED ONE camera + Steady Cam. Colorist: Xavi Santolaya. Agency: Play&Type. Model: Elena Shilnikova.

I participated the crew as DIT.

Video/Photo Review Works

[2002 to 2006] I created content (Reviews, News, Reports and Test Samples and Product Galleries) for www.quesabesde.com, an on-line spanish magazine focused into photographic, video and mobile technologies.

Some samples: Sony AVR-A1 Canon XL-H1, Panasonic AG-HVX200, Sony HDR-HC1, Barcelona SonimagFoto (Internacional) 2005, (HD) SonimagFoto 2005, Preview Panasonic SDR-S100, Demo Canon EOS-1D MarkII at Casanova Foto (Barcelona), Interview Enric Galve 2003 (SonimagFoto Chairman), HDV, and more...

- - UPDATE (01/10/2016 - 09:00 AM) [Site www.quesabesde.com officially close down after 15 years of daily tech journalism]
More info here

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