Video Production

Reel: HD Works

LEFT: Joaquin Sabina's Tribute Band Los Hombres del Traje Gris perform 19 días y 500 noches theme rehearsal in the old theater at Centre Moral, Arenys de Munt (Barcelona, 2015).

RIGHT: Mr.Swingles band live demo for school's shows. [FULL POST]

LEFT: Mr.Shingles Blues, Swing & Rock'n'Roll Band performs Ice Cream Man (from Tom Waits) in their last 2015 videoclip. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Soul Dan band live demo for school's shows. [FULL POST]

LEFT: Painter Ramon Sort presents De lo Abstracto a lo Figurativo collection at Sabors d'Estruch opening (Barcelona). [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Illustrator & Media Creator Sergio Mora presents Typical Spanglish at Casa del Llibre (Barcelona). [FULL POST]

LEFT: Illustrator and Artist El Guibo performs live into a paper tablecloth for an blogzine interview. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Naxo Fiol, film director and coordinator for the Marató de Cinema Fantàstic i de Terror de Sants organized in the Centre Cívic Cotxeres de Sants (Barcelona), explains about the 25th edition running in November (2013). [FULL POST]

LEFT: La Escocesa is a former XIX century textile factory in Poble Nou (Barcelona) that became a free occupied, self-managed artists' meeting point in 1999, due to the lack of public spaces for creative people in the city. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Base Elements is an Art Gallery co-founded by Robert Burt (California) and Mònica Riu (Barcelona) in 2003 with hopes of creating a space where such street artists could not only showcase their talents, but also be embraced as true artists. [FULL POST]

LEFT: Re.Creo is a cultural-artistic association, and a space for creation, difussion and culture-supporting through their workspaces, brainstormings, activities, workshops and courses. It's located in El Poble Sec (Barcelona). [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Graffiti artists SOEM and BRE from Barcelona (MAC, SC & BAD crew) worked together for the Bcn Roller Dance event within Sant Antoni Patina (included in Les Festes del Barri de Sant Antoni de Barcelona). [FULL POST]

LEFT: Teatres de Barcelona, un recorregut urbà is a book published by Ed. Albertí. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: The Night Dogs performing The Legend of Dan Electro, a tribute to Wiliam Clarke's Daddy Pinnochio theme (from Groove Time, Alligator Records, 1994). [FULL POST]

LEFT: Untitled BCN is an art gallery and a collective located in Gràcia district (Barcelona). They work to offer a complete set of services oriented to the creative crowd and all of those looking for a space to show their projects. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Fundació (AKA Fundation) is a gallery located at Barri Gòtic in Barcelona. promotes events, workshops, showrooms and services. [FULL POST]

LEFT: Ramon Sort is a catalan painter and graphic artist currently working in Barcelona. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Led by the moon cycles, Barcelona's Full Moon Party runs from May to September. An open-free party with music, dancing, fire jugglery and people meeting together in La Platja de la Mar Bella. [FULL POST]

LEFT: La Colla Castellera del Poble Sec del Poble Sec (Barcelona) shows how catalan people build towers with their bodys. Including and interview with Jose Lociga, Colla's President. 2nd hacked GH2 gear test. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Strange Weather was 1st test with hacked Panasonic GH2 made for UrbanRulesBcn. It talks about the 2012' springtime weather in Barcelona and its influence over the plants and crops in a balcony. [FULL POST]

LEFT: Mike Shannon & One Note Jazz recording Sarasota, We've Got It All at Inaudit So studio (Barcelona). [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Mike Shannon & One Note Jazz recording The Christmas Bum at Inaudit So studio (Barcelona). [FULL POST]

LEFT: The Bob Standards performing I Got You (I Feel Good) written by James Brown in 1965. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Here is TresBcn band from Barcelona covering Billie Jean, the song by pop's king Michael Jackson (Indiana 1958 - Los Angeles 2009), from his album Thriller (Epic, 1982). [FULL POST]

LEFT: Two cameras and some real film overlays + filters for this live recording from The Night Dogs band, inspired on late 50's TV-Film Shows style. Audio was mastered to sound old too. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: Interview with Carlos Pradera, General Coordinator for the 3a Mostra de Super 8 and founder and manager of site. [FULL POST]

LEFT: Soul Dan, a soul/funk/blues covers band from Barcelona lead by Dan Electro (Mike Shannon), perfoms Blue Suede Shoes (written by Carl Perkins, 1956) at Andorra 2012' International Festival Colors de Música'. [FULL POST]

RIGHT: The Night Dogs perfom Little by Little (by Junior Wells) at Anolia's 25 Years Festival (Igualada, Catalunya, 2013).

Reel: UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) Works

LEFT: That Tiny Music. Target: 10s to tell a story. Shot on Nikon D90 + edited in Premiere CS5.

RIGHT: TV Comercial Review Composition. Created on Adobe After Effects CS6.

Reel: Motor Sport (SD)

Motocross and Supermoto clips created from FIM World Championship content for (2006) project (SMS + WAP site for 3G mobile devices). Edited in FCP + Motion. Music created with Garage Band Pro + Logic Audio.

LEFT: RPM Expert Team participated in Les 24h de Motociclisme 2006 at Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona). Electronic Group Interactive was responsible to the team sponsorship, while Fluendo geared the bike's telemetry and the infographic visual systems. Unluckily, they dropped out of the race near the finishing of the challenge. The tech crew battled to solve it, but an oil issue on the Suzuki GSXR 1000's engine make it impossible. Priceless track by Incubus.

RIGHT: StuntShow featuring Dani Carrillo on a stunt ride at Circuit de Catalunya, during Les 24h de Motociclisme 2006.
Deuteronomy: Niggerman (re-mixed) track by M'shell Ndegeocello.

Both clips were shot in DvCam (Sony Z1) and edited in FCP + Motion.

Copes Supermotard XR400 i CRF450 and Guillem Boquet 1st Formula Test are short clips from the time I was working in TVM (Televisió de Mataró, currently m1tv) as ENG reporter and video editor. Both clips were created for the daily newscaster, sports section, sometime between 2001 to 2006. Edited in Premiere 5.